About Us

FloralSource was founded on the principle of fairness to the member florist

After a short retirement from serving the floral industry for over 22 years, John Carruthers, president of FloralSource, realized the need for a fair and affordable service provider in the retail floral industry. The larger wire services were literally killing the smaller flower shops with numerous fees, requirements, minimums and worst of all, becoming their biggest competitors in the retail market.

With a business plan put in action FloralSource International opened it’s doors in July 2002 highlighting their No-Compete Policy, the benefits of low dues and not requiring any equipment to be purchased or leased. Over the past several years sales staff, customer service staff, an Arkansas sales office and a Florida graphic designer have all been added to support the home office in Oregon and serve the growing numbers of US and international members and worldwide market access.

The membership plans are easy to understand, easy to apply for and have plenty of favorable choices for the member. FloralSource International wants to earn the florists’ business, not penalize them for using their services or compete against them in the market for the consumer’s business. They believe their job is to support the member florists and their need for success – including assistance in educating consumers to purchase from those shops and providing useful, cost-effective tools to encourage greater profitability. Our mission is to provide florists with the fair, affordable service they deserve.