Your Professional Florist Selection Guide

As a Your Professional Florist member you'll receive a YPF Selection, Styling Guide and Bonus Image DVD, for the affordable price of only $199.99.

1. The counter top Selection Guide will help you sell product in your shop and includes space for you to determine price points and stem counts.
2. The Styling Guide contains recipes, products lists and suggested retail pricing.
3. As a special bonus, the DVD includes all the images contained in the guides, formatted for both print and web promotions.

Some of the benefits you'll reap with these publications and the bonus DVD:
• Assures quality and standards when sending or filling YPF orders
• Helps you market to customers in your shop, in print and on the web
• Easy-to-follow recipes take the guesswork out of designing

For your convenience, we've also provided an opportunity for logged-in members to download the same web-formatted images right from this site.