My OrderSource

Your Professional Florist Introduces My OrderSource

The New Choice for Affordable Electronic Order Transmission

Sending flower orders electronically has always been associated with expensive computers, high fees and undependable technology. Until now. The company that revolutionized the wire service business, YPF, is proud to introduce a new choice for today's cost-conscious florists... My OrderSource.

Save Money

  • We are pleased to announce that OrderSource is now available to all member florists at NO COST for three months! This means we are giving all members the ability to send orders electronically, and all that is required is your internet connection!
  • Be in Control

  • Don't get locked into equipment leases or financing and forget about those long-term contracts
  • Save Time

  • Sending electronically avoids lengthy phone call ordering
  • User-friendly web-based software makes transmitting orders just a mouse click away
  • Electronic member directory makes it quick and easy to find filling florists
  • How it Works

  • OrderSource orders are input online and output either by fax or e-mail, at the discretion of the filling shop
  • HeadQuarter YPF orders are auto reported
  • All other orders are reported like phone-in orders
  • As good as this sounds (and it IS!) we are making this even better for you! Your Professional Florist will be paying the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY REBATES of $3.00 per order, retroactive to the 1st order per month! Send 20 or more orders per month, and the rebate is increased to $5.00 per order, retroactive to the 1st order per month. It doesn’t get any better than this! The choice to make the switch is EASY!